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Visual Budgeting

January 8th, 2010 at 05:49 pm

I have be playing around with some ideas to build a budget in excel which can show in various graphical representations how the budget is broken down. I am wondering if anyone here would be interested in such things and if so what they would want included in the file?

2 Responses to “Visual Budgeting ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    The thing about a graph is that it leads to an easier understanding of what all the numbers mean, without having to wade through a ton of information. We liked having one of our consumer debt, and another for all of our other bills (mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc.). That helped to keep us on track.

  2. http://custom-essay.ws/blog/legal-essay-writing.html Says:

    The construction of a budget scheme in Excel format is optimal for a graphical transfer of basic values. Here we can see literally every change.

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